Hello! My name is Lauren! Originally from Minnesota, I have spent the last 8 years behind my camera capturing the people, places, and moments I love the most. Now currently based out of Lynchburg, VA, I am excited to capture the beauty of the new area and people around me. My heart as a photographer is to capture you as your most authentic self. I believe it's those genuine, in between snippets of love and laughter that accurately express who you are. And those are the things I treasure the most. When looking at your photos, my hope is that it captures more than just a point in time, but that you are able to experience the memories of that specific moment. Whether it's for the thrill of being on stage, a celebration of love, or a celebration of you, my passion comes from your passion. I know how difficult it can be to get in front of a camera (there is a reason I'm behind it!) so making sure you are comfortable, feeling your best, and helping your vision come to life is incredibly important to me! I fully believe there is beauty in every moment and that my job is to capture it. I would be honored to document your special and most important moments, no matter how big or small they may seem.

when i'm not behind the camera

You can usually find me behind an espresso machine! I have been a barista for 5 years now and I absolutely love my job. Being able to get to know people and make their drinks and their days on a regular basis is a huge joy of mine. When I'm not at the coffee shop, I'm usually playing with my dog, Saoirse, or exploring the world around me.

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