week 4

This week was different to anything I've experienced in my entire life. We got to help out at North County Christ the King's Bible Camp with close to 400 kids. For those who know me, you know me and kids don't necessarily mix. At least I thought we didn't. I wasn't exactly thrilled going into the week, I don't think I knew what to expect, but by Thursday I was actually so sad it was over. I led a group of second graders in the morning session, and then I was helping out making snacks/wherever I was needed during the afternoon. I feel like I didn't get a cool camp experience as a kid because seriously NCCTK's was so smoothly run and entertaining for both me and the kids. I feel like I was ministered to this week, which is really cool. I was having a conversation with some of my fellow YWAMers probably on Wednesday about how sometimes the simplification of things really breaks down some of the barriers we've built when it comes to our own faith. The camp talked about how we are chosen by God, how we are a priceless treasure, the importance of forgiveness, and how God is wild about us. Obviously this was really important to the K-3 kids we were leading, but honestly it was also really important to me. It made for a really cool God moment about half way through the week. If you've been following along with these posts you'll know God has been poking at my identity. And I feel like it completely broke open this week. And it took bringing it back to the basics. 


Even though the camp was only 4 days, it feels like Monday was months ago. The week went by so fast, though. I don't think the kids liked me much at first, but by the end of the week we were best buds. Helping them with crafts and stories and games was seriously the highlight of the week, but watching my friends and how they interacted with the kids was also something seriously special. It was a side of people I hadn't gotten to see yet and I really enjoyed it. Even though the whole process was stressful and hectic sometimes, I can genuinely say I had a blast. It was bittersweet on Thursday knowing that I'll most likely never see the kids who impacted me so much again after they gave a high five and went off with their parents. It is cool however knowing that you hopefully impacted them too. I think they said that on Thursday 12 kids let Jesus into their hearts for the first time, and that's seriously why I think most of us would say that we're here.


All the advanced students and the leaders kept saying that camp was great outreach prep. And speaking of outreach... we find out officially our groups and where we're going tomorrow. We had Friday off except for minute to win it games to find out locations. I was honestly an anxious mess until I saw where we were going. I felt peace for the first time about outreach since I found out we actually had the chance of going abroad. It's 8 weeks away, but I'm actually so excited. I'm looking forward to knowing where I'll be going and who I'll be going with. It just makes it that much more real. 


This feels like such a short post, but since we didn't have lecture this week I feel like there was not a ton to process. Just a lot of energy drained and a lot of good times to be had. I don't think I can say I loved every single second, but it was pretty dang close. It'll be interesting to move back into lecture this week, but I'm really excited to learn more about prayer and intercession. I wish time wouldn't fly by so fast, but I know it's gonna be good, it all has been so far! Until next week....